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Me on Me

Your first clue as to who I am are my first words, “What dat?” Curious from the beginning. Still am. I like to learn new things and perfect the ones I know.


Those words were spoken in Brooklyn, where I was born. We soon moved all the way to Queens, where I was raised. After living in Houston (where I graduated from high school), Boston (where I graduated from college), San Diego (where I didn’t go to school), San Jose, and San Mateo, California, I alit in a near-north suburb of Chicago (where I raised my son) and am now planning my exit strategy.


For fun, I shoot photos (which you can see examples of on this site. I also write fiction and essays, read a lot, and write a blog with my husband (also linked from this site).


I have never missed a deadline and am not afraid to get clarification on assignments. I work efficiently and with heart. The theme of my professional life has been: How can I inform and illuminate? To those ends, I have been  a journalist and a teacher; therefore, I have informed and illuminated (I hope) on both a large and small audience scale.


I would now like to help you do the same. 



  • Editorial Freelancers Association

  • ACES, the Society for Editing


  • Educational equity and equity in general

  • Justice

  • Neuropsychology

  • Emotional and behavioral differences/special education

  • History

  • Photography

  • Reading

  • Travel

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