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Education Writing Projects

TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Cengage Language Texts

I am writing all assessment pieces for five levels of Language instruction. This includes pre- and post-tests with skill assessments as well as unit review tests. I am working with the unit writers and the project manager to ensure that the client is happy with the quality of the work. 

Amplifire Customer Service training

I am writing corporate training questions for several modules of customer service training for a major cellular phone company. Modules include retention, billing, troubleshooting, verification, and warranty exchanges. The client requires adherence to the corporate educational pedagogy with questions completed in the Amplifire system.

Online ELA Modules for Homeschool Grades 1-6

I wrote complete units, including teacher scripts and sourcing of media materials (videos, games, images) for English-Language Arts curriculum. Lessons had to be paced to time limits and broken up into several different activities. I formatted all materials and mapped all lessons to standards and provided teachers manuals and rubrics.

Cengage Language Texts

I wrote assessment questions for English Language Arts unit on writing Informational and Opinion essays for high school students.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s JOURNEYS 2017

I wrote manuscripts for assessments and the performance tasks, which were  a part of the Standards-Based Assessment Resource (SBAR) component for Grades K–6. Responsible for all related teacher-facing front matter of directions, answer keys, and rubrics.

  • Assessments consisted of reading, writing, listening, and research

  • Performance tasks measured depth of understanding, research skills, and complex analysis

Common Core State Standards Seventh Grade Math Assessment

I wrote assessment questions in multiple choice, gridded, and open response formats for the following topics:

  • Expressions and equations 

  • Number sense

  • Geometry

  • Ratios and proportions

  • Statistics and probability

Driver Safety Math Teacher Activity Booklet

I wrote a teacher’s guide with math activities and problems focused on driver safety as a companion to a National Safety Council curriculum.

Florida State Interim High School Math Assessment

I wrote multiple choice, gridded, and open response math questions for algebra, geometry, and algebra 2 Florida assessment. Mapped all questions by skill and standard.

TEKS STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) Grade 8 Math

I wrote multiple choice and gridded questions. Responsible for answer key including correct answer, reporting category, content and process standards.

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