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Susan Shor

Professional Writing and Editing Services

about me

I love words. Words by themselves and words combined into sentences. Short sentences. Sentences that meander; you know, the ones that require several forms of punctuation: a comma or two, a semi-colon, a colon; nevertheless, the sentence makes perfect sense. I like communicating your words, making them clear without silencing your voice. I like talking to people and reporting on their words, doing research and distilling it into its easily understood essence.

I am a grammar geek. I will find that error and banish it! I can write it myself or make your writing sparkle. Why? Because I love words.




Writing and Reporting

I am skilled at taking the most complicated topics and making them understandable.


Content Editing

I can take your rough draft and turn it into a polished piece, without changing your voice or ideas.


Copy Editing

I have eagle eyes and am a stickler for style; plus, my grammar is impeccable.


Thaumaturge: n. A performer of miracles or magic feats. 

Susan Shor is a special education teacher, a journalist, a mom, a private tutor, a traveler, a word-of-the-day subscriber, a regularly-attending theater-goer, an avid reader, a PARCC math question creator on the weekends, and a Scrabble master.” 

                                                      Ellen Foley, Western Michigan University instructor


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